Have you ever wondered about someone who just seems to rub everyone the wrong way?  They come in a room and make remarks that are rude, socially unacceptable, and everyone conveniently has something to do that is away from the person so they don’t have to talk with them?

Then you feel bad that you don’t want to talk with them so you try to talk with them and they continue being rude even after you made the gesture to be kind and compassionate?

Guess what? Someone who is being rude may not even be conscious of the fact that they are being rude no matter how much someone points it out to them. In fact, they may think that others are the ones being rude.When another has a trait that gives us agitation then we have to remind ourselves that they may not be intentionally creating that thought and feeling.  They may just be trying to be who they are not thinking that they are upsetting others.

How we think, act, and feel toward others isn’t only about our personal view.  Just because we think someone is ‘wrong’ doesn’t mean it is so because the next guy will look at you and think of something that you do wrong that you feel is oh so right.

The best way to deal with others is to keep an open mind, be kind, compassionate, and forgiving if need be; especially when they are not intentionally trying to upset you. You can discuss it and see how they feel but try not to make a judgment about another unless you truly know their thoughts and motives. Maybe they are just having a bad day or maybe they are like they are because of their upbringing and beliefs.

If you can’t come to terms with who they are then it is you that needs to let go and change your attitude about another. It isn’t always the other person who may need the change.  Sometimes it can be our attitude that needs the changing.