planting a flower

Everything in this physical world begins with a little seed of thought. And the more focus put on that seed, the more it ‘becomes.’ It begins in the ‘invisible’ space of creation and then as we focus more and more upon that thought, and get to thinking about how it feels, then we begin to create the solid foundation for it to become truly a physical manifestation. It sounds kind of simple, doesn’t it…getting from the seed of thought to envisioning and focusing to breaking through into physical manifestation?  But there truly is inner work involved to create the very vibration you want to come to life.  In order to create from seed to manifestation, we have to change our thoughts and beliefs to match what we truly want. It isn’t in life at this moment because we have to do the inner work of letting go of resistant vibrations and creating a vibrational match to what we want. We have to do the inner work by doing our best to change our perceptions of what we think is ‘not enough’ or what we don’t want to feeling, and seeing, believing, and focusing on what we want. The inner work comes in when we have experiences that feel less than positive and we shift our focus toward creating a better positive thought and vibration.

Our beliefs, society, our childhood, our upbringing, and our own perceptions are what have created where we are today. We have always had a choice in how we experience life. When we think we have no choice then we continue on in the same vibration we have always been in; but when we realize that we have a choice in everything we say and do, even if the experience is less than positive, then we begin to see the truth of who creates our life…it is our own focused thought and feeling repetitive patterns. If you do the inner work to let go of patterns that no longer serve you, and embrace and create new patterns of what you truly want to reflect, then you will rise above and beyond to the higher vibration of your physical manifestation and it will appear along with many other manifestations of the same vibration.

Inner work is the key my friend. You can do this…