time to release

Do you want life to change for the better?  Even if life is wonderful right now it can get even more wonderful.  And if life is handing you lemons you truly can make a better life through making lemonade.

You see, when we want life to change then it means we want something different than we what already have. This means that we have to change something in order to get the ball rolling. For example: Let’s say you want a better relationship.  Right now in your relationship you are complaining, nagging, frustrated with everything, and just want a calm and peaceful change. Your spouse may be upset because you are nagging or maybe you aren’t doing what he/she expects so they are frustrated as well. In order for change to happen then something has to change within the people who are experiencing the experience. People can continue to blame one another or they can begin the inner wrok needed to get on the same kind of path. By changing attitudes and repetitive patterns we are telling the Universe and our vibrations that we are truly wanting change to happen. Sometimes we can want change but not do a thing about it. If you don’t do anything then the Universe will respond with nothing.

So it is up to you to begin to make the change. Whether change is mental or physical, it will begin to move life in the direction you focus on the most.

What are you focusing on today?  Are you focusing on all the annoyances of others and things or are you focusing on what there is to appreciate in each moment and experience?  Either way you are going in a direction my friend.