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Every experience is just temporary my friend. Whether it is a good feeling or a negative feeling experience; it will pass. You see, that is what life is all about. Life is forever changing and will never stay the same. It is a part of living the life experience. This isn’t to say that you can’t have a wonderful positively positive life at all times. It just means that even that positive experience will change and mold into something else that could be as positive or even more positive.

And the same goes for a negative feeling experience. It will change and mold into something else that could be as negative, more negative, or positive.

The key is all up to you. That key is choice. You always have a choice in how you react, think, and feel. Even if the experience is negative, you can remind yourself that it is temporary and will change like everything in life. You can ride out the experience with a strong focus of what feels positive in it all and know that it will pass. You can do what needs to be done to help the situation along but you can always let go of resistance feeling vibrations and inner work toward inner balance as you create a more positive thought and feeling.

The choice is yours. What direction would you like life to head? Let go of the resistance and hold on to the appreciation and positive thoughts.  It will take you above and beyond where you currently are.