Secret Secret Garden

In that moment where you feel as if you don’t know what to do, don’t know where to turn, can’t fathom how it is going to work out…let go and trust.

When you have done everything that you can then that is the moment where you step aside from the worry and fear, let go of the resistant vibration, and trust that you are being taken care of by this Universe.

The Universe sees the bigger picture of what you are experiencing.  We can only see a small part of what is happening. If we keep our focus on creating a positive higher vibration than the experience we are experiencing, then we are rising above and beyond and taking our vibration to a better feeling place and that will move us forward beyond the experience.

We have a choice in how we handle negative experiences; we can either hang on to them and worry or fear, or we can let go of the negative vibration and trust that the Universe will take care of the rest.

Keep a positive strong focus on what you truly want in life. No matter what the experience you might be having, just know and trust that it is a part of taking you to where you want to be.