mini vacation

There are times where we just don’t know what we want in life. We may know how we want life to feel but take pin it to a certain place or experience. Many will envision what they want and have a strong focus on the goal but if you are unsure of what you really want then you can focus on the feeling of what you what life to be in the present and in the future.

Maybe you want happiness and abundance but don’t have a particular end result in mind. If that is the case then ask yourself how you want to feel happy and how you want to feel abundant. That feeling can be focused on instead of the end goal of something physical. That feeling you exude and shift to in a day can create experiences with the feelings that you want in life.

Leave it to the Universe to match your vibrations. The Universe knows what you want and begins to move your life in a direction depending on how you feel and think from day to day. Find things to be happy about, find positive ways of working, be aware of abundance, not only in the shape of money but in nature as well. Open up your mind to the ways happiness comes into your life and how abundance is truly right there for you to see. As you focus and let go of the negatives of life you will be creating a happy more abundant life experience.