beth mccain 6657

We’ve all been there at one time or another when life just seems to get so busy that we don’t have the time to ‘just be’ for a moment or two. You see, it is important to take a few moments of each day to ‘just be’ and make that connection within that is between the true self and the Universe. In that connection is where calm, steady, balanced, positive vibrations are at all times. And even if you are having a great day and feel that you are doing just fine on your own without taking a moment to ‘sit still,’ it still is important to connect within each day.

This doesn’t mean you have to meditate for hours on end (unless you enjoy and embrace that thought) and it doesn’t mean that you have to find the most quiet of spots to take some ‘just be’ time.  You can connect within in a mere minute. By connecting within you will find that you gain more clarity throughout the day, more balance, more calm and steady vibrations, and more insights.

All you have to do is, just for a moment, close your eyes and take in a deep breath. Tell the mind to relax the shoulders and neck and then on the exhale let go of resistant feelings and thoughts for the moment and  feel as if you are guiding yourself to the inner most of who you are.  The deep connection between you and the Universe. Keep taking in those deep breaths and letting out the exhale as you continue to relax, letting go, and sitting in the true self of who you are. This truly can take just a minute and can rejuvenate and revive all of who you are while creating positive feeling vibrations.

You will notice a difference in your own vibrations of the day as you take time to ‘just be.’