So what if the day felt like it didn’t start the way that you wanted it to?  Each and every moment you have a chance to begin anew. If you’re having a bad day or things just seem to be going all wrong, you always have the next moment to choose to create a better feeling thought vibration.

That is what is so wonderful about this amazing Universe. It supports and encourages you through every moment you have. It does that through answering back what you are putting out into this world. This means you get to choose the direction of where your life heads. In this moment right now you can choose to take a higher feeling positive vibration or stay where you are. In this moment you can choose to fear the worst case scenario or envision the best case scenario. Either way you are creating each vibration that will become your future as the Universe sends it back to you.

Letting go of fear and worry tells the Universe that you are ready to choose a new positive feeling direction.  It tells the Universe that you are trusting the path it is leading you on.

No matter what experience all is well and will be well because the Universe has your back.

Begin anew and choose your direction my friend.