It can be hard to ask for help, can’t it? Some think asking for help means that they are inferior in some way or that they are not a strong person because they have to ask for help. But truly, asking for help is a wonderful experience.

You see, when you ask for help, you are letting another know that they can have a chance to give love and care to another. It gives them a chance to inner grow through helping another while you will be inner growing by asking for help as well. It is an exchange of growth and love. This helps both to rise to a higher vibration of thought guiding the inner spirit to higher more positive experiences if the learning was from a positive vibration as the exchange of helping manifested.

Some may take advantage of asking for help and that is where the balance comes in.  We are able to see if another needs help over and over again. If that is the case then you want to find your own inner balance and do your best to let the person experience their lesson without you enabling them to continually asking for help. Their personal lessons and inner growth may not come about because you keep ‘interfering’ through fixing all their problems.  So if that is the case, you want to ask yourself how the helping feels to you. Is it time to release the need to fix?

But if you need help and you are afraid to ask just know that the answer will either be yes or no…they are just words my friend. Sometimes helping others and asking for help can be a mutual pay it forward kind of moment. You are not weak for asking for help.  You are a spiritual being having a physical experience and are here on this earth, just like everyone else, to experience, inner grow, and learn through this life by helping others and getting help as well.

All is well and will be well…