her story 3

Oh that feeling. You know the one. Life seems to have taken a feeling of riding in neutral. It feels as if there is no movement forward…it’s just there. You feel content and okay with it but there is a feeling of something missing but you can’t put your finger on what it is.

The feeling you are feeling is a step toward reaching a higher level of thought. It begins with a feeling like you should be doing more. That your life hasn’t found its purpose. It can come on as an agitation or even frustration. In some it can come on in the way of sadness as well. It’s like having an itch that you just can’t scratch.

So how do you get beyond that feeling and thought? First you want to do your best to realize that even though you feel like nothing is happening, it truly is. We have this small part of the picture when it comes to our life while the Universe sees the bigger picture. As we go through the day we are continually experiencing life.  That is what our purpose actually is. So even this moment where you feel stale or stuck much is going on within in that connection you have with the Universe and everyone else. You don’t have to feel it to know it is happening.

So now is your chance to choose what direction you want to go in. Do you want to believe and know that there is nothing missing? Or do you want to believe something is missing? There is the choice no matter how you are feeling.

The next step is to shift your focus to what you think is missing to what you truly can appreciate in life. When your heart is full of appreciation then you can’t possibly feel anything missing because appreciation can only be felt through that deep connection that is forever connected to the Universe.

Before you know it, as you shift focus, you will find that the feel will begin to release and you will find your way once again. You truly haven’t lost your way; this is just a way for you to make another choice and inner grow through the experience.

How about it? How about shifting your thought to all that you have to be grateful for today? How about creating more experiences that are full of appreciation and positive vibrations?