beth mccain 5565

Every single day we encounter all kinds of different people. Some we get along with and some we don’t. Some we love to be around and others just rub us the wrong way. No matter who comes into your life it is important to be conscious of your personal way of interacting so that it doesn’t affect your personal vibration in your life experience.

How you interact, think, and feel about another person, and the amount of focus you put on your interaction, will most definitely create a certain vibration that will come back to you in some way.

You know that old saying ‘An eye for an eye…?’  It could not be farther from the truth. You see, any kind of interaction with another person gives you the choice of how you handle it. If you have ‘an eye for an eye’ kind of attitude then there are going to be a lot of people without eyes as that vibration keeps going and going. Let’s say you are upset with someone because they disrespected you and were just out right rude. By being rude right back you are still creating the very vibration that upsets you. You may think how good it felt to be to them just as they are to you but the upset and rude vibration is coming back around. But if you take  a different approach, one that is a better feeling thought, then you won’t be ‘attaching’ to their original vibration and you will be moving on from their rudeness.

I remember when my kids were little and when they were being disrespectful I would say, “You’re not being very nice to Mommy. I’m going to talk to you like you have been talking to me and you will see what it feels like.”  For a few minutes I would act rude to them and be disrespectful so that they could see what they were doing. Most of the time a person who is being rude doesn’t know they are acting as they are. Once we make them conscious of it then they will have a choice in how they interact. They may think they aren’t rude and continue doing what they do or they may think about it and try to listen to how you feel.

Many times someone will get defensive and say, ‘I didn’t sound like that. It is you that has the problem.”  Even if they say this you can let them know that even if they aren’t acting like that, it still hurt your feelings so please  no more of it.  If they don’t want to change how they act then it becomes up to you what you will do next. Now it is your choice.

Will you take the higher road and create a better feeling experience for yourself without attaching to their vibration or are you going to get wrapped up in their negative vibration and do the same exact thing they are doing to you?

Either way you are creating the direction you are going to be heading in when it comes to life. If you don’t like how you are treated then take a different road then the road they take. ‘An eye for an eye’ just created a circle right back to you.