Secret Secret Garden

In order to create a positive life experience you must begin with being aware of your everyday thoughts. We can all envision and daydream about the life we want but it will only stay a castle in the clouds if you don’t change your current thought pattern. And changing your way of thinking begins with being aware of what you think, feel, and react in your everyday.

It is in our everyday thoughts that can create the most of our life experience.  If you envision what you want but keep on complaining and talking about how you will never get it or how bad everything is then you will be sending the vibrations of more to complain about and more ‘bad’ in your life coupled with what you envision. But if you begin to become aware of when you are complaining and you put the brakes on it, shifting to thinking about what you truly have to appreciate in that moment, then you are creating a better feeling vibration, aren’t you?

The everyday thoughts and feelings as just as important as the strong focus on what you want life to be.

Everyday you can make a choice in what direction you want life to go in just by being aware and changing your patterns. Before you know it, you won’t have the old pattern any longer and you will have created a new more positive pattern which create what you envision.