There are times where it feels as if we are waiting for some kind of result or outcome. As we wait, we begin to get agitated wondering if and when what we want is going to happen. Then we begin to focus more on feeling impatient than we do on the actual outcomes of what we desire. That is when we begin to create a resistant vibration and we shift the focus of the excitement and knowing of what we want to creating resistant vibrations and creating impatient experiences.

What would happen if you kept envisioning and focusing on what you want in life and let go of the impatience of the when it will happen?  What if you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it will unfold all in the right time that is perfect for your life?  What if you just kept building positive feeling vibrations and appreciating what is in life now and shift your focus toward an excited anticipation instead of impatience?

Can you imagine how the resistant feeling vibrations would just fall off your shoulders as you embraced the moments of each day knowing that all is well and will be well?  Wow… 😉