beth mccain 6657

When you are going about your day and you feel agitated or you feel the need to get everything done at once then you are beginning to create a resistant vibration. A resistant vibration has all the abilities to create more resistant feeling experiences in your life. When we push too hard, when we run ourselves to where we are beyond exhausted, when we ‘push against’ the very thing that we want in our lives by being impatient, or any kind of feeling that doesn’t feel as if you are in a steady calm place within; we are pushing too hard and when we push too hard then we are creating resistant kinds of feelings and thoughts.

How about taking care of it before you get the big build of agitation and frustration?  How about be aware of when you are beginning to feel uneasy or upset and stepping away for just a moment to find some inner balance within. Maybe a walk or take a break and listen to some music; anything that will relax and de-stress you Taking moments to take care of yourself before you get in a pushing kind of mode will help you to release those resistant feelings and thoughts thereby creating a better flow in your life experience. The more you create a calm steady positive focus, the more you will find that life will become more calm and positive.