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Many in this world live a certain way because they believe it is the way they are supposed to live. They listen to the opinions of everyone else about their lives and try to live according to those opinions. But here’s the thing to remember when it comes to opinions: Everyone gives an opinion based on what they believe, what they have experienced, and what they perceive is the best in life. It may work for them but any opinion that they may have is only coming from their own experiences and thoughts. Their opinions for your life can be helpful but remember that they are a whole other person with different views and experiences than you. They can’t possible know what you are going through unless they have walked in your shoes.

Whether they are well-meaning or just love to give advice, just remember that your life is your life. You can care about and listen to others but their opinion comes from a whole other point of view and belief than what you may need advice for.

Sometimes taking someone’s advice can be an easy way out so you don’t have to make the choice. But really, you are making the choice through their opinion.  Just make sure that you feel right about your choice and not just taking on another’s vibration. You always have a choice of where you take your vibration.