Whatever you believe with conviction becomes your truth. We are all individuals with unique thoughts and feelings. We experience life in all different ways. Our childhood, our upbringing, our parents and their ways, our unique personal view on life creates who we are. And many times, as we get older, we don’t realize that we may be hanging onto beliefs that we have outgrown or never thought we had a choice.

But we do have a choice in what our truth is. We don’t have to believe as everyone else. We can adopt our own truth through observing and feeling what feels the best for our lives. As long as you don’t intentionally harm another mentally or physically, you can live life in any way you feel is best for you. That is your truth.

What you believe life to be, your life will become. Just remember that this is your truth and it isn’t necessary to push your truth on others. They are living what they consider as truth. Just because your way feels right for you doesn’t mean it may be right for another.

Have you outgrown some of your beliefs?  Regularly check in with yourself and ask what you can let go of and what you can embrace. You will find that as you fine tune what you believe that your life will become the life you envision it to be.

You’ve been creating your direction your whole life but you may have not known that you had a choice in it all. You can always direct your life with your thoughts, feelings, morals, and values. You can truly have the life you want and it begins with a thought…