Secret Secret Garden

In any experience, you always have a choice in the direction it will lead. You may not think you have a choice when you are having an experience that feels less than positive but you truly do. You see, it is up to you how you choose to think, feel, and react in any experience. You can let the mind race, worry, freak out, or feel upset and frustrated in the challenging experience OR you can realize that the experience is just temporary and you have a chance to inner grow from the experience by stepping aside from all the drama and going ‘within’ to that deep connection you have with the Universe itself and deal with the experience from that connection first. When you take care of experiences from that deep connection first then you are now taking control of the physical mind and letting it know that the true self has a say in what is going on.

The true self is forever connected to the vibration of the Universe. It helps guide us to where we want to be. It knows the direction and it always has our best in mind and heart. The Universe goes with the flow of whatever we choose because that is how it loves and cares for you.  It is up to us how we choose to experience.

The inner work is in the changing of repetitive thought patterns and creating a pattern that feels better to you. Letting go of the old ways and embracing new ways will help guide you to a better feeling place. Old patterns of belief may not serve you any longer and when you become conscious of the pattern then you can decide if the pattern fits your current life. If not, then you have some inner work to do to create a better feeling truth for yourself. As you come closer and closer to aligning with the true self with the physical self, you will find life becomes clearer, easier, smoother, and full of higher positive vibrations.

How you handle people you don’t care for and how you handle experiences that are challenging are what will change your current life experience. Handle each moment with kindness and compassion and a best case scenario as your focus will bring about massive positive change.

Stay conscious of the choices you are making in your life and see if they reflect what you want life to truly be.