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Sometimes it can seem impossible to stay positive in an experience that is challenging; but truly that is where the inner work comes in.

You want life to change but life won’t change until you are able to change your current thoughts and focus. In order to have the life that you want you have to go beyond where you are right now. You have to do the inner work necessary to take you to the next level closer to where you want to be. As you get closer and closer, then the experiences will become less negative and feel more positive. They will begin to have meaning and show you clarification. They will bring you to a place where you will see clearly the next step toward where you want to be.

This all begins with you and your attitude and beliefs about your life experience. Each experience that comes into your life has possibilities to take you to the next higher positive vibration.  It is all in how you choose your thoughts and feelings within it all. Letting go, shifting focus, looking for what you appreciate, and trusting that the Universe has your back are a few of the ways to inner work toward where you want to be.

Life has challenges; that is just how it is but it is your choice how you handle the challenge and that choice takes you in a direction.  Create fear and worry and you will be heading down the road of more of the same. Create appreciation, inner growth, and trusting and you will be heading down the road of more of the same.

That challenge is an opportunity for you to let the one door close so that you can open many more doors of possibilities.

How you perceive life is what you will create for your current and future experiences. Let go of beliefs that are not your personal truth and seek out beliefs that fit your truth. Be the most genuine true self that you can be. Let your light shine and embrace every moment to the best of your ability. Life will change for the better…