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Words are just words until you choose to give them power.  If another is saying rude and mean things and they are saying it with full on frustration and anger then they are giving those negative words power. Same goes for the positive. If another is saying it with kindness, compassion, and caring then they are giving those positive words power. You can tell the difference in the direction the power will go just by the feeling behind the thought. If another is talking negatively then you have a choice whether to take part in their negative power trip. If you do, then you are attaching on to the vibration of negative and creating the same in your own life. But if you choose not to attach and truly let go of their negativity and then shifting focus toward more appreciate and loving thoughts, then you will be giving power to the positive.

A word is just a word until it is said with conviction. Some would see the word ‘snake’ as a fearful vibration that is full of power while another might see the word ‘snake’ as just another word in the dictionary.

It is all up to you what you decide to give power to. What kind of power are you creating today?  Are you buying into the words of what others think life is all about or are you creating your own path?  Are you creating powerful positive feeling words today?

Be conscious of your thoughts and feelings my friend. They truly do have power.