time to release

You’ve been envisioning, you’ve been focusing, you’ve been looking for opportunities, and you have come to a point where you just feel like you want to give up that dream. You can’t figure out why it hasn’t come about yet and you just have gotten tired of waiting. Each time you think about your dream, instead of feeling hopeful, you now feel discouraged and frustrated so you decided that it will never happen and you just give up on it.

Do you know that the feelings and thoughts you were having about the manifestation of your dream may have been keeping it from happening?  When we want something to happen on our time clock instead of the Universal time clock, then we get impatience and can create resistant vibrations. We then ‘blame’ it on not focusing hard enough or that the Universe just doesn’t want it to happen so we become even more concerned that maybe we did something wrong or maybe we don’t deserve what we want. As you can see, there is much more to creating your dream than just a positive thought.

In order for what you want to manifest, you have to be in alignment with the same vibration of what you envision. At the moment you’re not at that higher vibration because the dream would be here, right? So in order to manifest what you want it is important to work with the Universal vibration instead of against it. You want a solid foundation built for your dream and that happens through the vibrations you send out to the Universe and then the Universe sends the match back to you.  The match consists of not only what you envision but all your thoughts and feelings of experiences you are currently having. Your everyday thoughts mix in with your focus time of what you want so that is what is heading out into the Universe.  The ‘how’ truly isn’t our worry.  It is the every day vibrations and our own beliefs and expectations that are up to us. The timing is up the Universe because it knows how to build that solid foundation for you.  It’s your job to know, expect, believe, and trust that all is well and will be well.  It is up to you to create higher more positive vibrations when it comes to your experiences. It is up to you to change your own repetitive thought patterns to higher more positive and abundant thought patterns so you will align with what you envision.

The moment you give up on your dream, you let go of the resistant vibration.  That is the perfect time to rethink how you were thinking and feeling and shift your focus back to that dream without the resistance of frustration and impatient vibrations.

Create a different path and renew your passion for what you want. Know and expect that for any closed-door there will be hundreds of open doors.

Chooses to let go and trust while experiencing your everyday with appreciation.