There are times where we want something so much that it feels as if we are waiting forever until it comes to fruition. And as we feel that feeling of waiting, we are actually creating more of the waiting thought and feeling.  We begin to hold onto impatience and try to push what we want into existence.

Read through what I wrote above one more time. Now doesn’t it feel resistant?  Doesn’t it feel as if we are trying to push what we want into existence?  You see, that waiting vibration IS creating a resistant vibration. It is pushing against the very experience that you want. By waiting we are indicating that what we want may or may not happen. By waiting we aren’t putting our trust into Universal timing.  By waiting we are saying that we want things to unfold right this moment whether it has a solid foundation or not and instead of in the right time that it should.

The Universe is doing its job. It sees that whole picture of what you want when you only see a part of the picture. Your job is to keep the positive vibration flowing, appreciating life, shifting focus from a negative state of mind to a positive state of mind, and to let go of the exact ‘how’ it will happen or the exact time it will happen.  The Universe sees and knows what will be best for your life. So why not let go of waiting and just know it will manifest in the right time for your life?  Why not embrace the moments you have right now and appreciate all that is around you instead of focusing on impatience?

How about creating a strong positive focus for the day and let the Universe do what it does best…answer your call. So what kind of call are you putting to the Universe?