beth mccain 2212

Each of us is walking our life path in the most unique way. We all have different experiences, different thoughts, different feelings, and different perceptions of what we expect out of life. No one can possibly assume that they know all we have been through unless they have seen through our eyes and walked in our shoes. And we can’t assume we know what another is going through either.

The other day when I took my mom to the doctor there was a woman talking to us in the lobby. She pointed out a couple who were waiting for see the doctor. She said, “Did you know that they own twelve properties?  They are rich, ya know. But they sure don’t dress like it.”  The woman was assuming that she knew the couple and their lives because of how many properties they owned. The doctor called in the woman who had been speaking with us.  The couple was still waiting and then a phone rang.  The gentleman of the couple picked it up and began talking. As he talked, we heard their story. They may have owned twelve properties but the gentleman’s wife had ongoing cancer and he was talking to his banker trying to get a loan because the medications were so expensive. The gentleman patted his wife and went out to continue his call.

Some assume they know others but truly they don’t. Just as we may think we know all about an experience or about another and their choices but truly we don’t either.

Don’t you think we should stick to our own shoes as we walk and not assume we know what it is like to be in another’s shoes? Judgmental and assuming vibrations will come back into the experience of the person doing the assuming.  Why not be aware and accepting of others and step aside from assumptions.

We all have our stories and we all have our life experiences. Let’s accept one another and not assume we know.  Let’s walk side by side and listen to others and their experiences but keep from making comparisons or thinking that we know it all.

What you choose will create your next moment my friend.