two people talking

How do you react to someone who just rubs you the wrong way?  Do you treat them like they treat you? Or do you get quiet and feel bad about yourself because they make you feel that way?  How you treat others is exactly what will come back to you in some way.

If someone is getting mad at you do you do the same thing back to them? Do they ‘throw’ words your way and then you ‘throw’ words right back? Whatever we say and feeling will come back to us in some way which means that if you are thinking ‘If they are going to act that way with me then I’m going to do it right back!’ then you are creating the very vibration that got you mad in the first place when that person acted a certain way with you. You can stop the cycle by changing your personal attitude and vibration about it all. You could let go of their thoughts knowing that just because they said it doesn’t mean it is ‘truth’ and you could go about your day without the feeling of their vibration ‘attached’ to you. You could realize that what they are saying or doing is only based on their perspective of life.  It doesn’t mean they are right but it can make it more understandable as to why they are the way they are.

How would you like to be treated?  The way you want to be treated is how you should treat others.  That is the way to bring others into your life that will treat you how you feel you should be treated but it has to begin with you first. You do the respecting, accepting, and caring first and then your life will then reflect what you are putting out.

Keep it in mind and heart as you go about day. Smile at the nasty cashier and compliment her on her well done job. She may not appreciate and may just complain but you will have done what you would like if you were in her position. By creating that vibration of how you want to be treated, you will be attracting others and experiences that will reflect what you say and do.