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There are times where we feel that we can’t see where our life is going. It’s as if a fog is covering all of what is ‘to be.’ In those moments we can get confused and try to make sense of all that is happening in life.  Just know that in those moments you do have a choice no matter how foggy and confused you may be.

You can choose to find appreciation in your day, you can choose to take a higher more positive thought when dealing with others, you can choose to believe and trust that where you are today is a place that is taking you through inner growth to reach that higher level of vibration of where you envision your life to be.

As you inner work toward the positive and let go of the negative then the fog will begin to clear. Your confusion is replaced by a knowing within of what direction that you want to go.

So even if you are in a negative feeling experience you can choose to believe that this moment is created to see where you will take it in thought.

Do you let go and trust the Universe to bring to you what you put out in your everyday thought and feeling vibration? Then you know that the choices you make in any situation will create the next moment and ultimately your future.

I’m choosing the positive and doing the inner work of letting go and trusting while I keep a strong positive focus toward what I want. What about you?