time to release

Where are your thoughts today?  Are you doing the inner work necessary to creating a more positive fulfilling life experience?  Are you thinking about what there is in the day to be grateful for?  Are you shifting your focus from worry and fear to focusing the best cast scenario instead? Are you working on your everyday mixed bag of thoughts and feelings so that they reflect what you want to be in your life? Are you letting go of how what you want will come about and just trusting that as you envision that the Universe will bring to you lessons and experiences to take you to a higher level of thought that will match the vibration of what you envision?  Are you creating a go with the flow kind of attitude and staying aware of what you need to change in thought in order for life to change?

Yes, thought creates…that is the simple of it.  But it is in the inner work where we learn, grow, and create higher positive vibrations that will take us on the road to where we want to be.  Change your thought, change your world.

What thoughts are you choosing today?