Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in what we are thinking and feeling that we forget to stay conscious of where the mind is taking us. We can get distracted and just think and feel what we have on ‘default’ within us. That ‘default’ vibration could be made up of old habits, old beliefs, and old conditioning.  It can take us back to a place where we truly don’t want to focus on but seem to do it anyway.

That is when the inner work comes in to play. No matter what the distraction, no matter who you are speaking with, and no matter what the experience; you can create a positive feeling vibration from within.  That positive feeling within is what will help guide you away from the negative.  It will help you to shift your focus and remember to appreciate what is in your life right now.

To find that positive vibration within you begin with taking a deep breath in.  Then tell the mind to relax your shoulders and neck (when you tell the body to relax the body automatically responds and relaxes).  Then while you exhale close your eyes and feel yourself going ‘within.’  It is that quiet place that has the calm within you. It is that moment of ‘blank’ yet conscious feeling as if you are connected to the Universe. In that place within there is always a good positive feeling, solutions, love, and caring. If you go within and are worried then you haven’t gotten there yet because there is no worry in that place within. Just touch on it if need be but it is always there.

So no matter what the experience,  there is always a positive feeling vibration within you. That place within knows and understands the whys and the hows of what you are going through. It is forever connected to the all of this Universe and helps guide you through that experience if you let it.

Anytime you need a burst of good feeling vibrations then take that deep breath and know that all is and will be well.