Everyone has one.  Everyone has someone in their life that is negative. They either tell you all about how bad the state of the world is or they criticize what you are and what you do. They may say that they are being realistic and that you are the one with your head in the clouds by being a Pollyanna.  They feel as if they are draining you of your own energy and leave you feeling fatigued and sucked dry.

Did you know that you do have a choice in how they make you feel?  It may not seem like it at the time but you truly have a choice. You see, their energy can only affect you if you let it. Whether they are conscious of what they are doing or not; just by you being conscious of their ways, then you can change how it affects you.

Begin by telling the body to relax the shoulders and neck.  You can do this within the mind so that negative person has no idea what you are doing. Next just take a deep breath in and then exhale.  In that exhale feel yourself ‘going within’ where that calm and balance is.  Touch upon that place. Then visually see a steady waterfall of positive energy ‘water’ flowing over you as the negative person is speaking. As soon as any of the negative comes your way you see it within your mind, washing off in that steady positive waterfall. When you visualize this your mind, body, and spirit feels that the negative is just ‘falling off and away’ from you. As you stay in the waterfall see the negative going right back to where it came from and then follow it up with a positive feeling for that person. What you have done is detached from their negative, sent it back to them, and gave them a vibration that could help their negativity IF they are ready for that in life. Not only that, you are scrubbed clean of any negative vibrations yet still kept a listening ear as you deal with them.

That little exercise can be done in mere moments and can help you to maintain balance and not get sucked down into that negative place that is trying to ‘attach’ to who you are.

You have a choice; you can hold on to their thoughts and negativity which will make you upset which creates more upset vibrations to come back into your life OR you can let go of the negative and keep your own balance within with a clear positive state of mind.  As you focus on the positive and let go of their negative, you will see that their negative will have less effect on you and eventually dissipate in some way as you focus on shifting to the positive.

Negative vibrations breed negative vibrations.

Positive vibrations breed positive vibrations.

What will you choose?