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It can be easy to go about life and blame your surroundings for your negative thoughts. Maybe you don’t have enough money or maybe you don’t have the relationship you want so you create a negative vibration when thinking of not having enough. Each time you don’t have any money left over after you have paid the bills you get frustrated and upset with the thought of not having enough. This is creating a resistant feeling vibration which means you are actually pushing against the very thing that you truly want which in this case is abundance.

It is your choice how you feel and think in each experience you have. You can be surrounded by negative people and negative experiences but you still have a choice how you are going to perceive your life. Even if you are surrounded by experiences that create negative thoughts and feelings; you can change it. You can let go of the negative feeling within and shift your focus to what you can appreciate in the moment. If you can’t find something to feel good about then just know that there is some good in the experience even if you can’t see or feel it yet. You can choose to create a better feeling and higher vibration of positive thought through being conscious of what others are saying and doing. You can choose to detach from their negative thoughts and still handle the situation with a positive feeling and vibration.

If you feel you just can’t be positive then find the neutral ground within you instead. Find that feeling of balance within. The balance of the mind, body, and spirit. When you begin focusing on letting go, creating a balance within, and trusting that the negative will pass then you are no longer sending any negative vibrations out.

It doesn’t matter the experience; you can create a better outcome through your own thoughts and feelings. It just takes a little inner work and practice.