Secret Secret Garden

We all have those days where our mind and body seem to be on automatic. We go through the day doing the same things over and over again and before you know it, the day is done and you wonder where that day went.  Many people are on that particular wheel and can’t understand why life hasn’t changed. They focus upon how tedious and habitual life has gotten.  They don’t realize that they have a choice in how the day unfolds.

When you become conscious of what you are thinking and feeling in each moment of your day, you are living in ‘the now’ of the moment. You are realizing that this thought, this feeling, this idea, this reaction, are all creating a vibration that becomes your day. When you make a conscious choice to create a better feeling and a more positive thought about your daily experiences, then you are creating  more positive vibration that will go out into this Universe.  And the Universe will answer your call by sending you back a vibration that is exact to yours, in some way, shape, or form. This is happening all day long so why not be conscious of what you are thinking and take your thoughts and feelings to a higher positive vibrational level so that your experiences begin coming from that higher level of positive thought.

What did you focus on today?  Do you remember and did you inner work to take it to a more positive feeling and thought? Life becomes what you want when you begin to bring a ‘match’ vibration of what you desire. Are you doing the inner work to get to where you want to be?