time to release

You believe that what you think creates your personal world. All that you think and focus on is what comes right back into your life in some way, shape, or form. Even if we believe it to be true, it can be challenging to not worry about current experiences we may be having; yet when we worry we are creating a worry vibration that is going out into the Universe and will be answered back with some kind of experience that is similar. The more you focus on worry then the more to worry about.  So how can we shift our focus?

It begins with what you truly believe when it comes to the Universe/Source/the All/God.  You see, you can see a part of what is happening in your life but the Universe sees that whole picture and it knows where you want to be so instead of worrying about each and every experience that has come your way or is coming your way, you can remind yourself that the Universe knows what you envision life to be so it is on the case.  Your job is to do the inner work by saying these four little words when you become aware of your worrying:  Take in a deep breath and on the exhale I want you to relax your shoulders and your neck, close your eyes, and exhale ‘into’ yourself finding that calm place within you and say these for little words  “Letting go and trusting…”   Those four little words will remind you to let go of the worry and trust the Universe in when and how what you want in life is going to come to you. You can let go of the worry, appreciate what is in your life right now, appreciate what the Universe will bring to your life as you reach a higher more positive vibration of thought, and then embrace moment by moment of your day.

Letting go and trusting…