step by step

You don’t have to be hard on yourself if you stumble in your life experience. Just remember how it felt so that the next time you trip up you can take a different path.

You see, each experience we have we can learn from and move on creating a whole other path or we can stumble again and again and not change the direction which will only make you stumble more.

Take those experiences that you stumbled over and see where you could have taken a higher more positive thought vibration.  Remember that feeling for when it revisits you. And next time you stumble you will remember that the path you have taken has many rocks to stumble over and to take a whole other direction in how you handle it.

How you handle it will create the experience to stay or help you to move past it and reach a higher vibration of thought and feeling that will take you on a whole different road.

Just dust off your pants and keep walking with a whistle and a step!