time to release

Our life experience is made up of many components. We view the world through our upbringing, our environment, our beliefs, and our own unique views of what we think and feel about how we live in this world and how we see others.

It’s important to evaluate your personal beliefs about life often. We change and grow with each moment of life. We change our thoughts and attitudes and then we may outgrow our current beliefs of what we think life is. But instead of letting go of the old way of thought, we try to make it fit into our world now.  Our thoughts and attitudes have changed so we can quite make our new ways get along with our old beliefs.

For example: Let’s say that a few years back you were totally into aerobics. You loved it. You thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  But since then you have had a couple of children. You’ve been taking care of little ones and no longer can fit aerobics in your lifestyle. You then start looking at aerobics as something that is outdated.  Then you found something else…maybe pilates.  You now love pilates and it give you time to get away from the kids for a bit and you love how it makes you feel. You still wonder why you ever liked aerobics but ‘oh well’ no worries. Because you have gotten older and your body has changed, along with your own mindset, you have changed your belief of something that you felt was right at one time (aerobics) and now have what works for you right now (pilates).  That is a change in thought and lifestyle but it happened over time.

When we belief a certain way we can get stuck in the rut and need or want to move to a higher thought vibration but aren’t even conscious that it is your own belief pattern that may be holding you back. Just by bringing it to light it will help move the vibration to a better feeling place. And when you begin to let go of old beliefs and replace them with new beliefs then life will begin to change itself as well.

Be conscious and see how you feel about what you believe when it comes to all parts of your life. Do a little fine tuning and move up and on toward a higher good feeling vibration. Find what is right for you in this moment and create a vibration that works for your current frame of thought.

Is it time for you to look within and see how you feel?