How often are you afraid of what ‘could be?’  Maybe you look to the future and fear what might happen or maybe you look to tomorrow and worry about something bad happening in your day. Truly think about how many times you fear or worry in the day about what is to come and then make a point to be conscious of that fear or worry so that you can begin to shift your thought elsewhere.

You see, if you stay in a state of worry and fear, then you are creating a vibration that will create more of the same in your life.  So what would happen if you just expected the best instead of the worst?  What would happen if you stayed conscious of each vibration of fear and worry and shifted your focus to what could happen that will be better than expected?

AND what would happen if you had a negative experience but still chose to recognize that it may just be an experience that was needed to get you to take a higher positive thought and feeling vibration thereby creating a positive vibration for your current experience and future?

What would happen if you just expected the best in any and all experiences no matter what they feel like and you just trust that your positivity and your positive focus will give the Universe a vibration that you want to come back into your life.

What if? 🙂