beth mccain 5565

Every day we have moments where we have to wait. Whether it is in a grocery store line, in traffic, or waiting for a word document to download…we all have to wait at some time.   You have to be there, don’t you? And you know you’re going to have to wait, right? So why not use that time for some positive focus toward your day and to your life.

Many who are waiting are putting their focus on impatience. They look at standing in line as time wasted. They are looking toward the next thing they can get done. They get frustrated and upset that they can’t get done faster.   Think of all the time they have to put in some positive focus and appreciation in that time they are waiting. Instead of waiting, they are actually doing something to improve their state of mind and create a vibration that will come back to them in some shape or form.

Next time you are waiting for someone or something, how about creating an appreciation for something. Maybe the love you have for the person you are waiting for, maybe the chicken wings you are standing in line to pay for, or maybe appreciation for the document that is downloaded a story you have written and want to publish.

Create some positive focus in your waiting time. Think of all that you dream of and what kind of steps you can take to get it a little closer to where you want to be. How about thanking the Universe for that time to truly focus?

Who knows? Maybe that is why you have to wait…so that you can have some bonus positive thinking time!