mini vacation


At this very moment, you are creating a vibration that heads out into this Universe. And that vibration is acknowledged by the Universe. And the more you focus on that vibration then the Universe sends it back to you in some way, shape, or form.

Each day do your best to be conscious of what you are vibrating out into this world. The more you create a focused vibration of what you want to feel and think, the more that focused intention will come back to you in some form. If you are having a great morning and then all of a sudden everything seems to go wrong and you feel and think about all that is wrong and multiply that focus, then that is the perfect time to be conscious of where your thought and feeling are directed. If you get upset, start to worry, and steer away from the great feeling in the morning, then you will be sending out a mixed bag of emotions and thoughts to the Universe. ‘Give me good and negative.’ That is what will come about.

But if you choose to deal with the ‘wrong’ as well as create a positive higher vibration at the same time, then your problem will begin to take a positive light. It will create an answer because you have done the inner work to let go of the negative and create a positive intention instead. The inner work is working on shifting your focus from the negative to the positive. Even if you don’t know what that positive could be in it all; just know that there is one and it will reveal itself in the right time.

The more you do this, the more you will have positive vibrations coming back to you.

Each vibration that you create in your day blends with all of your other vibrations. You are continually creating a vibration and that vibration is always in motion. You can change a day from negative to positive in just a moment.

All that it takes is you.