the sky is the limit

Many times when someone makes a New Year’s resolution, they list out all that they want to accomplish.  Maybe they have one major goal or many goals. For those goals to manifest, a feeling has to go along with that goal.  That feeling has to be stronger and more determined then your environment around you. That feeling has to be FULL of excitement, determination, hope, and dreams. That feeling has to know, without a doubt, that it can happen.

You see, anyone can make a New Year’s resolution but it takes someone focused to follow through with the New Year’s goal.

Are you focused? Are you ready for ideas to come to you in any way, shape, or form to help manifest that goal?  Are you creating the thoughts AND the feelings wanted and needed for that goal to go from the ‘invisible’ to the ‘visible?’ Are you trusting that the Universe is taking care of the how while you take care of the thought and feeling of it all?

Your feelings fuel the direction you go in life. So when making that New Year’s resolution ask yourself how you want to feel in that goal as well?  Focus on the thought and the feeling my friend. Stay focused…