beth mccain 791

This time of year is the perfect time to celebrate life and to reflect on what we have to appreciate from the past year. Whether it was a challenging year or a year full of dreams, you can truly look to the past to see all the lessons, insights, and inner growth that came about. Appreciating the challenging experiences helps to move on from them. And if you don’t know what there was to appreciate in the experience, just know that there was something within it for you.

Each experience we have has meaning. Each experience gives us a chance to take our life in a certain direction. And that direction is determined by your thoughts, feelings, and views on life. If you constantly are complaining, worrying, and fearing then that is the direction life will go with experiences full of things to complain about, worry about, and fear.

And if you constantly inner work toward creating a positive outlook on experiences, trusting that things are unfolding just as they should in the right time for your life, doing the inner work necessary to take a higher level of vibration road, then you will experience a life of trust, right timing, and higher positive vibration experiences.

Look toward the new year with a new pair of eyes. Seek and find what there is that is positive in every experience and person. Dwell on it and focus on it as you go through each moment of your day. If someone has upset you, take care of it in a kind and compassionate way but let go of the hurt feelings and thoughts that may be attached to the upset. Look at it from the perspective that another may not know that they are being hurtful. It may be their own hurt that they are projecting to you.

Reflect on the past without attaching to the emotion of the past. See what could be fine tuned from the experience and know that you had something to learn within the past that can help guide you to where you truly want to be today.

We have so many choices that can be made in life. Make choices that are based out of kindness, love, and compassion my friend. You deserve a loving, caring, and kind life.