planting a flower

Sometimes it can feel like everything just ‘hits’ all at once, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder how you’ll ever get through.  And you may wonder  why it has to happen.

This is the perfect time to do the inner work to shift your focus from focusing on the fear and worry to focusing on what is positive in it all. Sure, it can be challenging to find that positive when you have so much around that feels negative but the more you create an open positive vibration then the faster the experience will breeze on by. The experience may be just the experience needed to change a current repetitive thought pattern, let it go, and create a better feeling instead. It could be full of inner growth that will take you to a higher feeling thought vibration which is where you need to be for things to move forward. The experience may be just the thing that will put you in the direction you need to be in for the next best experience.

We always have a choice my friend. We always have a choice where our thought takes us. And what you choose will create a closed door and keep you in the same kind of experience. Or you can create an open door to walk through that will take you to where you want to be.

Think of all you have at this very moment and not about what you don’t have. Appreciate who is in your life right now and not focus on the people that upset you. Feel happy that you have that dollar in your pocket instead of worrying about what if your money doesn’t last in your future. Create and choose that thought and feeling ‘all is well and will be well.’ Create those open doors.

You see, there is a choice…