step by step

It’s always good to step back and ask yourself what is motivating you.  Are you motivated by what another thinks?  Are you motivated for the sheer inspiration of it all?  Are you motivated because another is blaming you and you want to ‘prove’ to them something?  Are you motivated with the sheer excited expectation of where it will take you?

As you can see, there are many ways we can be motivated. The motivation that is driven by opinions of others, or out to prove something, are the ones that will create a resistance feeling vibration within. When you are trying to prove yourself to another then your motivation isn’t coming from the heart; it is coming from the ego.

So how about checking in with yourself and ask you what motivates you?  You can let go of all that involves what others think and say and embrace the true genuine thought and feeling within that is inspired, excited, and motivated because it will help another.

Each emotion takes you in the direction of what the reason behind the motivation is. Do a little fine tuning of your motives today. 🙂