beth mccain 33432

For any problem there is a solution. But the problem can’t be solved with the same mindset that created the problem.

In order to create the solution you have to reach a vibration that will manifest the solution. If you stay in the same mindset then you won’t be able to step beyond the limits of your current thought. But if you understand that there is are solutions somewhere and it will come to you when it is the perfect time, then you are now going beyond the current thought of problem and leaning toward solution.

You just changed your mindset! And that is what it takes for life to change. How about it?  Change your mindset today. Know there is a solution and keep focused on that thought instead of focusing on the problem. If you have racked your brain looking for the solution but just can’t seem to find it, then know that there is one,keep your eyes and ears open to solution opportunities,  and know it will appear all in the time that it should.

You can do this…all is well and will be well my friend.