When was the last time you went beyond the limits of your current frame of mind?

Are you so set in your ways, and what you believe, that you have boxed yourself into limits of the way you think life is?  Sometimes we can let the world tell us what we should be thinking and doing. From exercise to eating to how to get rich to how to do or say just about anything.

Here’s the thing that many seem to forget; what may work for one may not work for another. Each of us lives a unique life because of how we think, act, and feel. And when we are being told over and over again, through all kinds of media, of what is right, wrong, or normal, then we start believing that ‘they’ truly know it all and we just accept it.  We then create limits to the thoughts we have.

What if you questioned everything you were told? What if, instead of relying on the fears, worries, or hype, you began with questioning yourself from ‘within’ first? Ask that true voice within if what you are being told is what sounds right for your life. If it does then you can keep at it but if you question it and then feel within that what ‘they’ say just isn’t for you then you will be stepping outside the limits of normal thought and creating a direction of your own.

You can do this with any and all that you think about.

Do a ‘check’ on your beliefs.  See and feel if they are working for you. If something feels ‘off’ then step outside the normal limits of what you think and expand the mind beyond that normal to see what else is out there for you.

By stepping beyond the limits you will be creating a higher positive thought vibration to learn and grow through.  And the old way of limits will dissipate as you adopt a new way.

Maybe it is time for a new way of believing. 🙂