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Where does your mind take you through out the day? Do you let it go from thought to thought of what the day holds?  Or do you create intention as to where your mind puts its focus?

Many times we forget that we have a choice in how we think, feel, and react. We get wrapped up in the every day moments and just go on automatic. When you become conscious of your everyday thought, then you can make a choice where your thought will lead you. You can go in the direction of resistant feeling vibrations or in the direction of positive feeling vibrations.

You have a choice in where your mind goes.  It begins with being aware and changing your thought to match what you truly want. If you want your day to get better and better then make it better and better by letting go of resistant feeling vibrations and shift your focus to something you appreciate in life. If you have a problem then focus on there being a solution even if you don’t know what that solution is yet. Just know there is one and create that positive thought.

Each thought you have will create your next moment and your future. It is all up to you my friend…