beth mccain 1

I just love that saying ‘Let the sun shine in!’  To be such a small phrase it says so much, don’t you think?

Keep it in mind and heart today no matter what you are experiencing. Having a negative day?  Then remind yourself to the let the sun shine in. Let that positive light of all there is around you, and within you, shine.Visualize letting the light in.  The light of appreciation, joy, and laughter. The light of wisdom, insight, and realizations.  The light of forgiveness and understanding.No matter what you are experiencing today let the sun shine in and keep your light shining bright full of positive thought vibrations.

If you get off track then just begin again. You always have a new moment to create. Why not create with the light of positivity instead of a dark feeling of negativity?

Your world will take on a whole new view.

Let the sun shine in my friend. 🙂