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Everyone has one in their life.  Everyone has at least one person that comes from a negative point of view at some time in life. Maybe they are a family member, a co worker, or maybe someone who waits on you in a store. They tell you stories from a negative view or talk about others through gossip. They are the ones that you just feel like you need a shower after they have talked with you because of all the negative that was spewed.

Did you know that you truly have a choice in the matter?  Did you know that you truly can get it so that their mood doesn’t affect your mood?

It begins with a choice. You see, no matter how much they say or do; you have a choice in how you think, feel, and react in it all. You can do the inner work to let go of the resistant negative vibration that is coming from them and create a steady calm balanced vibration instead.

You begin with being conscious of your own body’s reactions when someone is speaking or feeling negative. The second you feel those shoulders and neck tense up, just say within your mind, ‘relax my shoulders and neck.’ Just that little suggestion will get your mind on relaxing and automatically tells the body to let go physically.  Then as the other person is speaking you want to take a deep breath in and see in your mind, the negativity that feels as if it is ‘attaching’ to you,   falling away in your exhale. You can do this without anyone noticing.  You’re just breathing, right?  But you are breathing with focus and intention.

Just take a breath in and keep releasing their negative. Then begin to focus on something positive that you can send to them.  Maybe you appreciate their outfit they are wearing or maybe you appreciate something else about them.  Deal with what you have to in conversation but keep the thought of releasing and building appreciation; even if that appreciation comes from knowing they have to get back to work and can’t talk forever. 😉

When you make a choice to let go of the resistant vibration then it is no longer affecting you. You are sending it back to whoever sends it over and you’re sending a positive thought back as well. Then you can go about your day without thinking back to the negative that felt attached to you because it will no longer be there.

Shift your focus my friend. It is all up to you and your choice.