agree to disagree and respect

You can’t trick the Universe. You can’t fake positive thoughts and feelings.  The Universe takes the vibration from within you and creates more of the same in your life. You attract what you think and feel. It may not be in the exact form of what you think but it will have the feeling of what you think.

For example: Let’s say you really want a loving relationship. You think about what you want in a relationship. You go on dates and focus on all that is wrong with the person and how they don’t match your idea of what you want. You get frustrated and upset with each date you go out on because they aren’t ‘the one.’ You tell all your friends about your awful date and how you will never find the guy. So now you are sending out a vibration of frustration and focusing on what you don’t want. That is what will keep attracting to you unless you start from within and do the inner work.

You begin to do the inner work and you go on a date and the guy isn’t the one but you focus on his good positive traits even though you know he is not ‘the one.’ You might have a few setback thoughts of all that is not right but you bring yourself back on track and find what you could appreciate about the date. You did go on a date and he could have been who you’ve been looking for. You can appreciate that maybe he had one of the traits that you wanted. You can then let the thought of the date go and trust that the Universe is bringing you what you want in the right time that is best for your life and the life of ‘the one.’

As you do the inner work you have good days and bad days of staying on focus and those vibrations are creating your next moment and future. Do you see how inner work is necessary to what you want to achieve in life?

So ask yourself what you are focusing on today and fine tune your vibrations through letting go of resistant feeling vibrations while creating appreciation in your day. Do your part to get to where you want to be…do the inner work my friend.