beth mccain7787

Go forward with confidence my friend. Go forward in thought in the direction of your dreams. As you go about your day keep gratitude upfront in your mind and heart. When you think of your dreams, let go of any thought that they won’t happen and just say ‘thank you’ to the Universe for taking care of it all for you.

Your job is to create a higher positive vibration to match what you are dreaming about. You create a higher vibration  just by saying ‘thank you’ and not worrying about how it will ever happen. You are trusting that all will unfold just as it should in the right time. You are trusting the Universe which means no worry, right? If you worry about how or when then you’re not trusting the Universe.

So let go of the worry and create a better more positive thought vibration of what it is that you want, look for the open doors that will come your way,  and let the Universe do the rest.