beth mccain 5565

There are days when all goes as planned and then there are days when everything goes in a completely different direction.

On those days that the day seems to take you elsewhere it is best to go with the flow of it all instead of fighting against each and every moment. We can grumble about not getting what we thought we wanted to get done or we can go with the day, get things done in that direction, and stay in a balanced calm positive state of mind and heart.

You never know what an unplanned day can do. It may be the experience that has open door after open door toward where you want to be in life or bring you experiences for you to learn through so that you can get to a higher positive vibration.

Go with the flow of where the day takes you and be conscious of all that is happening in each moment. You will find that you are truly heading in the right direction with a slight detour that may help.

And detours are so very full of beautiful paths along the way. 🙂