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Do you have an experience in your life that just doesn’t seem to change?  Maybe someone that you just clash with keeps coming into your life or maybe a situation at home or work that agitates you each time you think of it?

When you are in a situation where a person or experience won’t change, then there is something you can do about it;  you can change your attitude and behavior toward the person or experience. When you become agitated then you are creating this resistant vibration that is creating more in your life to resist. The problem may get bigger or take on another form and you still have that agitated vibration coming back to you.

But if you do the inner work to letting go of the thoughts and feeling of agitation and accept that the experience is in your life, then what you are doing is releasing the resistant vibration. It doesn’t mean you have to settle at all but what you are doing is letting go and releasing a negative vibration, accepting that the experience is there which is a go with the flow kind of vibration, and then in your mind focusing on what you would like the end result to be. Each time the experience pops up then take a moment to let go, accept, and the focus.

As you change your thought vibration you will begin to change the experience that you didn’t think could be changed. Just by changing your own view of the experience you will be creating open doors toward many solutions.