beth mccain7787

I hear many say that they feel that the Universe is taking care of their needs but they feel as if their prayers or positive focus aren’t being answered. ” I pray and pray and still nothing changes. I just assume that the Universe/God knows what is best and maybe doesn’t think what I want is good for me or maybe that I don’t deserve it. I just accept what my life becomes and hope when I pray that some will be answered.”

Whether you pray or send out positive focus toward what you want,  there is truly a way to do just that. If you pray do you believe that what you need or want is going to happen and do you believe that the Universe is going to take care of it?  You do?  Then the next question is why do you pray for the same exact thing over and over again as if the Universe hasn’t heard or felt it?

Why do you feel the need to ask again and again after your initial prayer?  Why not ask the first time and trust that it will come in the time that is best for you and your life experience?  And then the next time you think about asking, why don’t you just thank the Universe instead of asking again?  You see, when you thank the Universe this indicates to the Universe that you believe it is going to happen and that the Universe is taking care of it for you. You are thanking the Universe and appreciating it for moving forward and getting it done.

How about next time you say a prayer or create positive focus through the Universe, that you then let it go and thank the Universe each time after that? You are showing that you know and believe it will happen. And if you are unsure of the end result then leave it to the Universe as to how it happens. Your job is to create a positive and appreciative vibration in your everyday. Your job is to live each moment, take care and learn from the challenges yet keep a positive frame of mind and heart through it all. That is the quickest and smoothest way to where you want to be in life.

Ask, focus on the joy of knowing that it is being taken care of OR even better than you thought it could ever be, and then just thank the Universe for taking care of it. You’ll be creating appreciation and gratitude my friend.