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Did you know that no matter what challenge you may be having in life the Universe has your back? And that it is all about how you think, feel, and react through the challenge that will help you to get beyond it?

No matter what, the Universe is on your side. If you focus on the negative in any challenge then the negative will present itself to you through the Universe. That is because the Universe is sending back to you what you are emitting.  The Universe does this because it supports, loves, and cares for you so it is sending to you what you send to it.

So if you are having an experience that feels less than positive, then you have a choice how to handle it, how to think and feel through it, and how to react to it. If you truly believe that no matter what the experience, that if you keep a strong focus on the positive while taking care of the challenge, it will always come out in a more positive vibration through it all.

You are taken care no matter what things may look like. Know, trust, and believe in your ability to see the positive and appreciate life through experiences. The Universe is there and will answer your call. It will unfold all in the right time that is best for your life.

Why worry when you know that it will all come out in the best way possible for your life?  Why worry when an experience feels insurmountable? Why worry when you know that keeping a strong focus on a solution, and what there is to be positive about, will create more of the same and open doors where the doors were closed before?

The Universe has your back my friend…trust. The Universe sees the bigger picture of what is happening whereas you only see a small part of it all. Let the Universe do its job and take care of the how through miraculous amazing ways while you keep a strong positive focus through it all. It will come out as the best for your life if you let go of the resistance and trust. All is well my friend.